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The Bar and Kettle



Who We Are

The Bar & Kettle: Forget Gyms, This is Your New Kind of Local

Forget intimidating mirrors and fluorescent lights. The Bar & Kettle isn't your average gym. It's your new local, where community, empowerment, and fun collide with effective fitness.

Raise the Bar with Strength & Support:

  • Crush weightlifting goals and build confidence in our Raise the Bar class. It's not just about the weights; it's about the supportive coaches and high-fives that push you further.

  • Unleash your inner warrior in Box Bar. Punch stress away, burn calories, and have a blast doing it. No experience needed, just pure exhilaration.

Find Flow & Freedom in Your Movement:

  • Discover the joy of movement in Flexicon. This dynamic class increases mobility, improves flexibility, and leaves you feeling limber and free.

  • Say goodbye to back pain with Back Rehab. Our expert-led classes help you move better, feel better, and get back to the activities you love.

More Than Just a Workout, It's a Vibe:

  • Forget the pressure: We celebrate all fitness levels and progress, big or sma

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